Hi! Nice to meet you.

I'm Luke Spierewka, a 25-year old
game designer / programmer / jack of all trades.
Scroll down to see my collection of past & current works.

I also organize events, do talks and lots of other stuff;
if you'd like my help with something - get in touch!

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-  WORK  -
CD Projekt RED
specialist unity programmer / mar '17 - current
CD Projekt RED
junior unity programmer / mar '16 - current
Unity Technologies
core team programmer (intern) / jul '15 - sep '15
junior gameplay & tools programmer, pr / aug '13 - sep '14
Wastelands Interactive
gameplay programmer (intern) / jul '13 - sep '13
fps, time moves only when you move
SUPERHOT is a first-person-shooter game where time moves only when you move. The game's prototype was initially developed during the 7DFPS Game Jam in August 2013 - after that it exploded in popularity and successfully went through Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter.

The game was released in February 2016.

Technology: Unity
Platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux, Xbox One
Position: junior programmer, pr, founding team member
Duration: 13 months (aug 2013 - sep 2014)
Accolades: IGF 2014 - honorable mention, Pixel Heaven 2014 - grand prix

Website Web prototype Presskit
the witcher card game, multiplayer
GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is a reimagining of the orignal minigame included in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, remade from scratch using Unity with focus on multiplayer battles and featuring design improvements, a brand-new UI, as well as a single-player story-driven campaign.

The game is currently in closed beta and a full release is planned for 2017.

Technology: Unity
Platforms: Windows, Xbox One
Position: junior unity programmer (UI/gameplay)
Duration: ongoing (mar 2016 - ?)

co-op, 2 players, space ship delivery, student project
In “Ship in Five” the players have to work together as a spaceship delivery service crew. The mission - safely getting a mysterious parcel to its destination. However, their ship is falling apart, there’s a bunch of space pirates chasing them, and it seems like the package might not be what they expected...?

The game was developed in a team of 6 people during a single semester.

Technology: Unity
Platforms: Windows
Position: project lead, programmer
Duration: 4 months (oct 2014 - jan 2015)
Accolades: student project showcase - grand prix in design

Download Website
xna-based engine, fps, sci-fi, student project
The Hunt is an FPS game set in a futuristic, abandoned, dystopian city overrun by machines where you play as a lone mercenary on a mission to hunt down an ancient, colossal structure known as Nyx.

The game was developed in a team of 5 people using a custom-made engine based on the XNA 4.0 framework and features Physically-Based Rendering, particle systems, reflections, map editor based on data serialized from Unity and more.

Technology: custom XNA-based engine
Platforms: Windows
Position: project lead, gameplay programmer
Duration: 4 months (mar 2014 - jun 2015)
Accolades: student project showcase - grand prix in technology

2d, arcade, monochrome, arena, single player, nordic game jam
Fight against waves of relentless enemies using your ink cannon - but beware, the trail of paint left by your weapons, and ink left over by exploded enemies is harmful to you, so you need to avoid it!

Made during Nordic Game Jam 2016 by Luke Spierewka, with music by Jukio Kallio and SFX by Niilo Takalainen.

Technology: Unity
Platforms: Windows
Position: programmer, designer, art
Duration: 48 hours (08 - 10 apr 2016)
Accolades: Nordic Game Jam 2016 finalist

Download Source code
2d, arcade, hotel lift, rescuing people, tour bueno
In No One Lift Behind you play the role of a lift girl, in charge of operating the elevator in a big, expensive hotel. Unfortunately, the place happened to be built on top of an underground river - one day, when the building starts swinging left and right, it's up to you to rescue the guests and safely bring them down.

Made together with Bartłomiej Sieczka, Marius Winter and Benedikt Hummel during Tour Bueno. The entire development process was recorded in a documentary episode (link below).

Technology: Unity
Platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux, Web
Position: programmer, designer
Duration: 48 hours (19 - 21 jan 2015)

Play online Watch episode Tour Bueno
fpp, short experience, the magpie collection
A first-person spatial puzzle game about exploring a monochrome world and interacting with weird structures. Done mostly as an art experiment - creating interesting looking places/puzzles with as little visual fidelity as possible.

Created for The Magpie Collection.

Technology: Unity
Platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux
Duration: 1 week (may 2015)

art installation, dreams, videomapping, cables
Hypnagogia is an interactive installation that explores the geography of a dreaming digital brain. Created together with Martin A. Reiche and Titouan Millet during a residency program called “The Brain – Open Lab” back in February 2015 and showcased at the A MAZE. Berlin festival in April 2015.

The installation used the metaphors of connectedness and archival to create a dream-like psychedelic environment that the player can influence through an analog-synthesizer-inspired panel. Each unique world that was created and modified could be preserved on a floppy disk given to every attendee.

Technology: Unity, Arduino
Platforms: Windows
Duration: 2 weeks (feb 2015) + preparation right before event (apr 2015)

-  EVENTS  -
Tańcząc na polu minowym - jak współpracować w Unity?
Kariera IT Łódź / nov 2015 / talk
Smoke, Mirrors & Silly Stuff - making games feel good
Game Industry Conference / oct 2015 / talk
Pizza + kawa + łzy, czyli przepis na grę w 48h (v2)
KarieraIT Wrocław / oct 2015 / talk
Game jamy - z czym to się je?
MFKiG Łódź / oct 2015 / talk
Rapid game development in Unity
FabLab Łódź / jun 2015 / one-day workshop
Wobble wobble - live audio inside Unity
A MAZE. Berlin / apr 2015 / workshop
Pizza + kawa + łzy, czyli przepis na grę w 48h
KarieraIT Łódź / mar 2015 / talk
Taming the Editor - extending Unity with tools
Zjazd Twórców Gier / oct 2014 / workshop
4 pady, 1 ekran, czyli lokalny multiplayer
Grakademia 4 / sep 2014 / talk
Playing with time
GDC Europe / aug 2014 / EIGS microtalk
SUPERHOT - expanding the prototype
Pixel Heaven / jun 2014 / talk
Shayla Games / may 2014 / talk
Virtual Reality Discussion Panel
A MAZE. Berlin / apr 2014 / talk
10 rzeczy, jakich nauczyło mnie ostatnie pół roku
Politechnika Łódzka / mar 2014 / talk
After the jam - Taking your Unity project further
Nordic Game Jam / feb 2014 / talk
Game jamy - co masz zrobić w 2 lata, zrób w 2 dni
Grakademia / sep 2013 / talk